"If you measure, you know"
"If you know you can act effectively"
"If you act effectively you can gain time, money and energy"

The Change Survey is a series of tests, currently validated by the Lessius Highschool, Antwerp that help you to measure the Change Consciousness, the Involvement and the Change Readiness within your company or team.

The questionnaires are based on  the 4 steps in the Change-Coaching 4-C Model:

  • Consciousness: How conscious are the employees that the change is really needed?
  • Commitment: How committed is everybody to the change?
  • Competence: How is the competence to change estimated? What other skills are required?
  • Continuity: How sure is everybody that the change will implement fully as planned?

By measuring these elements in the 4-C Model, your company will become ready to do the right actions at the right time to make your change project successful.

Discover here the 4-C Model:

For example:

Starting training sessions  for employees before they are conscious and committed to the change can provoke resistance,  jeopardize the change project and be a waste of a lot of time and resources.

The Change Survey can assess in a very early stage if more effort is needed to bring people aboard.

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